Urban Dreams Project

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The details contained in this preliminary brochure are intended to give a general indication of the proposed development and floor layouts. The photography and the computer generated images are representative only.

All decorative features, false ceiling details, lighting fixtures and furniture elements shown on this brochure cannot be considered as part of the standard proposed design, they only intend to give an indication of the possibilities that might be added by the apartments end-users at their own cost. The company reserves the right to increase or reduce the total land plot area, increase or reduce the total space or the common areas and their distribution within the project, alter any part of the development, the number of buildings in the project, the number of floors in anyone of the project building, the floor layouts, or any other details at any time and without prior notice to the end-users.

The contents herein shall not form part of or be deemed to form part of any contract or be a representation including any such contract. The full terms and conditions of the sale are contained in the company’s sales contract.